Seamless Digital Texture: Waves

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Seamless Digital Texture: Waves

T. L. Ford
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Use seamless patterns to create depth and realism in your art quickly and efficiently. These designs are different, but similar so a project using multiple ones will still look cohesive.

Seamless patterns can be repeated, or tiled, without any obvious lines or grids. This means you can use them on any size art, from tiny thumbnail images to billboards in space that can be seen from Jupiter (if we could put billboards in space).

These textures are high-resolution (3600 pixels), which means that on a high-quality print (300ppi), you could make them 12 inches (30.48cm), without repeating. Tile them or use them at a lower ppi, and you can scale them to any size.

These textures are greyscale, so you can add, mask, and set layer blending modes and not have them change your art's hue. They work on layer masks to apply your own image as a texture. These can also be used to texture 3D objects and used in your video game projects.

While these include the Photoshop pattern file (PAT), you can use any art program of your choice with the images (PNG).

I want this!

10 High resolution seamless image files (3600x3600 PNG) with Photoshop pattern files (PAT) and source Photoshop or Illustrator files. Modify and use these in your 2D and 3D art, videos, video games, commercial or non-commercial, without attribution. Images can be used in any art app.

Tile without leaving a line.
Black and White
Does not alter your art's hues.
Source Files
Examine and modify.
Generous License
Create commercial and non-commercial art without attribution.
Tutorials and Free Samples
669 MB
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